Sunday, October 25, 2009

Council Lending Hand

image from Logo Sauce

I found this is the Environment page on the Camden Council and the Islington Council websites, interesting huh? Though I understand that Camden works mainly with the Architecture School at UCL it might be worth a try as the projects they collaborated on so far seem to revolve around the built environment so they might be interested in exploring the possibilities of developing something that is not permanent and that is constantly evolving like our project.

Camden Council

and this is an abstract from the Islington Council website

Islington Council

“The IUDG is a supplementary planning document, which provides design principles and standards for the whole of the borough. It aims to influence:
• how buildings look and fit with their setting
• the layout and organisation of public spaces
• the appearance of street frontages

Urban design is about making better places. There are two underlying elements: places should be pleasing in appearance, and should function properly.

The guide has been organised into three sections, to address both these elements of urban design:

• section one sets out the wider background
• section two addresses the need for new buildings to fit in to their setting and reinforce local distinctiveness
• section three addresses the layout and organisation of places; how spaces and buildings affect the way they are used

The IUDG states the important role of urban design in making connections and identifying shared solutions, which resolve various different, and sometimes competing, demands. In particular, it can positively contribute to community safety and regeneration objectives by designing out crime, and contributing to the economic vibrancy by creating a high quality environment and sense of activity that makes people want to live, work and visit.”

FREE Advise

Just had a look at the Ecca website, they offer three FREE advise and expertise to creative people who want to start their own business and though we haven't decided if our venture is profit or non for profit and even more importantly we haven't tested the idea with a shop and the blog yet I think it's still worth me getting in contact with them for advise, what do you think?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Prince's Arcade of Sadness

Sandra took some photos of Burlington and Prince's Arcade, Piccadilly. It's incredible to see a prestigious spot be completely stripped.

more photos here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Sandra is an open, free-thinking, creative machine.
No, not machine. Idea factory.
She has more enthusiasm than I could ever dream
to muster, with projects a-plenty on her itinerary I'm
pleased that one of them includes us two (below).

Some facts and figures:
She is a product designer.
She knows everything about anything that's
worth knowing (mostly on the subject of art, design, fashion).

Ms. Officer as her name may suggest is super efficient
but not in a boring way. I also cherish the way this gal
can tell you an idea is rubbish and get away with it with
no hurt. I hope she doesn't mind me saying that she'll
keep Sandra and I in check.

Some facts and figures:
She is an eyewear designer.
She has a seductive way of communicating with
strangers and empathising with people that makes her
(i) likeable (ii) a good negotiator.
She talks an awful lot.

I always welcome some sort of adventure, especially
one which shakes the dust off my pre-frontal lobes.
Something we three would exercise on cold and
wet mornings on the way to work.

Some facts and figures:
I am a graphic designer.
I like to spy on people & am highly interested in
social behaviours, combined with design.
I over use commas.