Friday, November 27, 2009

IDEA #1 Shop Sitting?

I like the idea of people shop-sitting like they do when a house is left empty. If we could get a list of people to come in and do what they will for a week or a day and then pass it on to the next 'sitter' that would be a growing collaboration, naturally.
image from Flickr

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Article of Interest

I found the following quote very interesting:

"I hate it when you can tell where the art ends and building begins," says Sarah Gaventa, director of Cabe Space, the public-space arm of design watchdog the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. "There's nothing sadder than seeing art as an addon and not part of creating places."

Future of Cities, Guardian article


I checked out the website for 'windows of opportunity' in York and basically we HAVE to get the council on our side! They will help u open all the doors! WOO also had the Museum trust involved. I was thinking if we did go ahead with this n Islington we could see if the Crafts Council (based in Isington) wanted to get involve ?

"Windows of Opportunity is an innovative digital design programme to address the visual impact of empty shops in the York city centre. WOO is a partnership project run by York Museums Trust and supported by Visit York and City of York Council.

WOO will dress empty shop windows with external, high quality vinyls which will feature contemporary digital designs that respond to their setting. The designs will all be chosen from those submitted to this website, so why not have a go?"