Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Love this from A Design For Life, the post-able-grow-your-own-garden.
This way all city dwellers can have their very own plot.
 via Postcarden


  1. We could put a call for entry on the shop window for people to post their "postgardens" which they would design themselves and then slip through the shops letter box, we could then plant the seeds and exhibit the "postgardens" we receive in the shop window...

  2. ...otherwise we could illustrate a big "postgarden"(we can go wild on illustrating this!!!) that would take up the whole shop window (good for tiny shops!) and then ask people to post the seeds in the letterbox and specify which area of the "postgarden"they would like to put it in and we can plant it for them, no? after, say a month we could have a beautiful shop-window community allotment!

  3. Yes but we'd have to get in touch with the folks who thought up Postcarden. I do like the idea of a GIANT POSTCARDEN.

  4. that could be a possible collaboration, no?