Friday, January 22, 2010


I was reading about handmade special effects last week and admiring Jan Von Holleben photographs.

I found these surreal optical illusions very inspiring for our shop window project, I liked the way he uses every day life objects to create these absurd compositions, like cut-and-paste.

I was also flicking through the "Hair Wars" book

at RD Franks and I thought I would like to make something with synthetic hair, lots of it! well maybe that would be a little expensive...
However I kept thinking about

18th century wigs

Brixton arcade

I also remembered an exhibition (someone told me once or twice that I see too many!) I saw many years ago, "When Philip met Isabella"

where Philip Treacy's wonderful hats where placed on black hatstands, inside glass cabinets so you could see your face reflected on the glass and it looked like you where actually wearing the hat

I don't think that was intentional as it wasn't very obvious but it inspired this idea:

(The grey areas are mirrors where passers by can see their reflection and it looks like they are part of the composition of 18th century wigs printed on paper and stuck on the window, the background is wax print fabric pattern as I imagined this in Brixton, maybe it used to be a hairdresser's shop...)

What do you think? it's not necessarily what the window should look like but rather a way for people people to interact with the window, in a very low-fi way, this is just a layout and I still believe there should be a message behind it which could inform or be part of the composition


  1. Petty Vacant - an interesting initiative that you want to know about: