Monday, December 21, 2009

Brixton Village by Spacemakers

What I found interesting and inspiring about the Brixton Village project where the shops that looked less like retail environments, the ones by the designers/artists that with a very brave move didn't see this as just an opportunity to sell something but instead to say something, the creative process behind their creations (don't think they where even on sale!) or a story, like at
Cabinet of Curiority

These "shops" created the most abstract and surreal narratives, and in my opinion made an interesting connection with the markets existing environment.

It would have been nice to see a connection with the past of the market or the other shops, like “mirrors”...

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  1. What was nice, though not a regenerated shop space was the fabric shop with the seamstress in the window. Not only is a shop window a parade of items but a window into a job, life etc. Our own window can show our progression not just a final showcase.